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player mod david

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PostSubject: new ppl   new ppl EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 11:56 am

hello its me david if u need eney help what so ever me timmaah angel 2662 darkness x and chriss will help u out pm 1 of us if u need eney help (quick money makeing guid is makeing att poitns 15k each at pk box ::pkbox ok u go to the herblore spot right out side casle (home) get vial of water guam leaf and eye of newt use water on guam leaf than eye of newt on unfished potins when u done go to ::pkbox trade the guy in addy and sell pot 15k o yha torax helps u out the most but sometimes he busy sooo that y i put names lmfao :p
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new ppl
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